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About The Air Traffic Specialists Association of Canada

Our Local represents over 640 Flight Service Specialists who work across Canada, in every Province and Territory. We can be found at the International Flight Service Station, 53 Airport Advisory Stations, 5 Flight Information Centres, and various regional and national head offices from coast to coast.

What We Do From
Coast To Coast

As NAV CANADA Flight Service Specialists, we:

Provide Pre-Flight Services

Provide comprehensive pre-flight weather briefings to pilots after interpreting charts, reports and satellite imagery.

Communicate With Pilots

Provide information to help pilots to safely land and take-off from uncontrolled airports and provide enroute information throughout their flights.

Trigger Search & Rescues

Trigger and participate in search and rescue activities for missing or overdue aircraft.

Conduct Weather Observations

Provide accurate weather reports to pilots and Environment Canada forecasters for their predictions.
A Rewarding Career

Joining ATSAC

If you are looking for an adventure in a well-paid profession, with good benefits and pension, work along side a great bunch of people, and have a chance to provide a invaluable service to the flying public, being a Flight Service Specialist is the career for you.
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